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December 1, 2010

Most creative types I know find inspiration in the oddest and least obvious of places. Which is to say, everywhere. I’m no exception to this.

My creative process baffles me sometimes, as I can’t quite ever tell which comes first: the consumption and enjoyment of the proverbial egg, or the image and understanding of the egg itself. Yes, I’m cryptic, I know – let me ‘splain what I THINK I mean. Do I enjoy things because I’m creative, or am I creative because I enjoy them?

For example, somewhere in my building there is a stairwell which has been designated “B”. On each landing, there’s a “B” stenciled on the wall letting you know you’ve entered said “B” stairwell. I like the “B” (or should I say “B’s”, plural, as there are 16 of them). BUT, do I enjoy the “B” because I have a creative eye and think of all the nuances and aspects of it that make it a B and not a C? OR, is my creative process such that as someone who might walk up to pretty much anything and decide that I enjoy it, simply because I enjoy the enjoyment of things, my natural response to this enjoyment is to think of other ways this might be enjoyed? And thus, a creative process takes place?

Perhaps I’m over-thinking something that doesn’t need over-thought, but isn’t part of the creative process the doing of things that don’t necessarily NEED to be done?

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  1. SockEye permalink
    December 2, 2010 6:35 PM

    I thought it was a 13!! I have seen this very “B” with my very own eyes and it always made me chuckle as I recalled the time I was going from the 9th to the 10th floor in stairwell “B” and I thought that I had somehow kept climbing until I reached the 13th floor! So while you, my dear, are enjoying the nuances that make it a “B”, I am foolishly mistaking it for something entirely different. Or MAYBE I am looking creatively at the “B” and enjoying it for what it is not, namely a 13! Or maybe…

  2. Bayn permalink
    December 3, 2010 4:15 PM

    I like 135 because those are also my initials. Naw mean?

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