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February 9, 2011

What was going to be a fun post about our recent foray into sushi making has turned into something a bit more…shall we say…humbling. See, even though we have quite a few friends who whip up their own maki rolls at home, we’ve never done it before. And we were pretty darn proud of our results the other night – obviously proud enough to snap some pics and make impressive comments to each other about our delicious accomplishment.

Was our meal the epitome of Japanese epicureanism? Noo-o…not exactly. Did our rolls end up half-smooshed and sometimes quite rice-heavy? Yep, for sure. Did we even have friggin’ raw fish? Not SO much…smoked salmon was as close as we could get, since a certain food purveyor (coughWholeFoodscough) I was sure had sushi-grade tuna did not, in fact, have any sushi grade fish at all.

But were we proud we’d made our own sushi? You betcha.

Observe Exhibit A:

So I casually mentioned this fun fact to my friend the other day, and she was duly impressed. I inspired her, she said – so much so, that she decided to stop on her way home and grab ingredients to make her own.

Then she sent a few pics, and I decided I have no clue how to make maki rolls and need to take a few lessons from her. Observe: HER sushi – Exhibit B.

I got schooled. Now I’m going over there to make her give me some of hers.

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  1. Trina Agosto permalink
    February 24, 2011 11:01 PM

    ahhhah — i cant believe you posted this! haha. COME OVER! 🙂 whenever you want – and we’ll eat sushi till its swimming out of our ears! LOL. (for the record — YOU made a lovely variety — such the Artist! – and mine all look the same!)

    ps. Heinen’s had sushi-grade tuna!! Eel is my favorite however…so, if you hear of where to find THAT, let me know!

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