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July 27, 2011

Since I make it no secret that some of my favorite people are actually edible items (okay, that’s not quite true, since I really love people – but I really love food, too…alot), it seems fitting that today’s inspiration came from a photo of delicious happiness in the form of tuna tartar (a lovely, well-designed tuna tartar, I might add – as pleasing to the eye as to the palate).

On a side note: do I use too many words? Are my sentences too long? I think so. Sometimes. I do so love parentheses…


The photo in question was snapped on the oh-SO-lovely patio/porch/balcony of Lockkeepers in Valley View.  Aunt Connie and I were meeting up with the hubby later for what would be quite a long night, and sound nourishment was in order.

My lemon fresco (house-made Limoncello, citron vodka, soda, fresh lemon) was ridiculously refreshing, her basil peach margarita (fresh white peach, silver tequila, basil) was ridiculously AMAZING.

And although there were other dishes enjoyed and “oh MY”ed over, the tuna tartaro, lovingly divided for our shared enjoyment, was the most beautiful in all aspects…

The evening’s verdict – from a design standpoint, as well as a foodie’s standpoint – came with a definitive stamp of approval.

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